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Marina Luz

A Library of Misremembered Books

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By Marina Luz

A strange and loving tribute to the wonderful and weird ways books leave an impression on us.

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 96

How do you find a book when you can't recall the title…or the author? This homage to a common reader's dilemma is a gift the book lover in your life won't soon forget. 

Readers know all too well the comedy and tragedy of forgetting the name of a must-find book. Inspired by this torturous predicament, artist Marina Luz creates paintings of books based on the descriptions we use when we can't remember their titles—mining Internet book-search forums for the quirky, vague, and often hilarious language we come up with in these moments.

This volume collects dozens of these imaginary books into a library all their own: Titles like "Cat, Possibly Named Henry," "It Was All a Dream," or "Something-Something, Beverly Hills" make for an entertaining experience as you try to guess the real book behind them. A celebration of book love unlike any other, this petite book is a clever gift for bibliophiles that will spark knowing smiles.

Read if your: description of any book sounds like a F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode title.