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Kua Ee Heok & Rathi Mahendran

Ageing with Dignity

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Edited by Kua Ee Heok & Rathi Mahendran

A decade of research into dementia that focuses not just on helping our seniors stay healthy, but to continue living with dignity and wonder.

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 160

Art, smartphones and rainforests — where do they all fit in, in the ongoing battle against dementia?

Ageing with Dignity, featuring 18 core topics contributed by leading experts, is edited by eminent psychiatrist Prof Kua Ee Heok and Assoc Prof Rathi Mahendran. Get to know Age Well Everyday (AWE), a dementia prevention programme that has since blossomed to cover health education, music, art, horticulture and more.

It captures key findings and insights from a 10-year study on positive ageing and dementia prevention in Singapore, and aims to fill the gap of knowledge on ageing in Singapore, from which, enables both young and elderly people to have a better and positive perspective of ageing.

Some of the most pressing issues covered are mindfulness, diet, smell and loss impairment, oral health, language and memory. It can be a road map for future research enterprise with translational relevance