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Eley Williams

Attrib. And Other Stories

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By Eley Williams

17 short stories about loss, language, and hedgehogs in swimming pools.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 169

A person slowly losing words to aphasia. A trainer of landmine-sniffing rats. A chef who drowns birds in brandy.

Attrib. presents a cast of unforgettable characters standing at the precipice of emotional events (a disastrous breakup, a successful date, an unexpected arrival) and finding it impossible to express themselves.

With intimate, irreverent, and playful prose, Eley Williams rejoices in both the possibilities and limitations of language, as well as the very human need to be known and understood. Original and inventive in the vein of Lydia Davis, Deborah Eisenberg, and Amy Hempel, these stories are each a love letter to language and communication.

Read if you: die a little on the inside when someone types "you're" as "your".