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Will Rainey

Grandpa’s Fortune Fables

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By Will Rainey

A highly engaging and interactive book to make sense of money and investments for children

Format: Paperback
Pages: 249
Suitable for: Age 8 and above

Gail is the 13 year-old granddaughter of one of the wealthiest people in the country. After meeting a new friend, she shares how her grandpa discovered the secrets of money whilst growing his Fortune Forest on a faraway island called Pucha-Pucha.

Grandpa’s stories, that Gail shares, helps her friend learn how to earn, save and grow his money. Using seeds and trees to represent money, the stories are visual and easy to remember. After each story, Gail explains how she’s applying the lessons by starting a business, saving and investing her money. 

Grandpa’s Fortune Fables is the most comprehensive and fun guide to teaching your kids about money using stories. Whether children are reading the book themselves or having it read to them, they will learn how to understand and manage money better.

A great starting tool for parents who want to teach their kids about financial habits but don’t know where to begin.

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