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Pauline Harmange

I Hate Men

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Written by Pauline Harmange
Translated by Natasha Lehrer

A French feminist's delightfully candid take on sexism and men, that sparked off controversy and a government ban. DELIGHTFUL STUFF.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 112

Women, especially feminists and lesbians, have long been accused of hating men. Our instinct is to deny it at all costs. (After all, women have been burnt at the stake for admitting to less.)

But what if mistrusting men, disliking men – and yes, maybe even hating men – is, in fact, a useful response to sexism? What if such a response offers a way out of oppression, a means of resistance? What if it even offers a path to joy, solidarity and sisterhood?

In this sparkling essay, as mischievous and provocative as it is urgent and serious, Pauline Harmange interrogates modern attitudes to feminism and makes a rallying cry for women to find a greater love for each other – and themselves.

Read if you: saw the title of this book and immediately thought "same".