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Kim Bo-Young

I'm Waiting For You and Other Stories

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Written by Kim Bo-Young
Translated by Sophie Bowman and Sung Ryu

Interlinked sci-fi stories about star-crossed lovers, godlike beings and the power of the human will.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 336

Two worlds. Four stories. Infinite possibilities.

An engaged couple, each from distant corners of the galaxy, embark on separate missions to meet on Earth and get married. But time, space and relativity have other plans. As a series of unfortunate incidents thwart their plans, their wedding becomes a distant possibility. As centuries pass and the Earth changes dramatically, one thing remains constant: two people's desire to find their way to each other. 

In two pairs of interlinked stories, Kim Bo-Young cleverly demonstrates the idea that love is timeless and hope springs eternal, in the face of the deepest despair.

Read if you: have a friend who says "I'm on my way" but you know they just woke up.