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Jeremy Tiang

It Never Rains on National Day

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By Jeremy Tiang

A collection of short stories that take you from Switzerland and China to New York and Thailand, and right back to the heart of our national identity.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 220


A woman fleeing her previous existence meets a fellow Singaporean on an overnight train in Norway. A foreign worker is decapitated in an HDB building site accident. A Singaporean wife must negotiate Beijing as her British husband awaits a heart transplant. And in different corners of the world, Singaporeans and exiles mark National Day in their own ways.

Jeremy Tiang’s debut collection weaves together the lives of its characters across the world—from Switzerland, Norway, Germany, China, Canada, Thailand, New York City and back to Singapore. These wry, unsettling stories ask how we decide where we belong, and what happens to those who don’t.

Read if you: have posted old holiday photos on social media with the caption "Take me back to the days when we could travel".