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Leslie Sim


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By Leslie Sim

A little girl gets the chance to see her late parents in this magical tale about grief and hope.

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 40

Ming Liang loses both her parents and longs to be with them. Follow her on her journey to the Moon Palace, where Moonfly Angel introduces Ming Liang to Moon Dragon – and gives her the chance to see her parents.

Ming Liang is now faced with an impossible choice: return home to Grandpa and Grandma, or remain at the Moon Palace with her parents whom she misses so badly.

What will Ming Liang choose? Moonchild is a whimsical tale filled with fairies, purple spoons with silver moons, and magic — and it is a work of love by former Straits Times journalist Leslie Sim. Months after his passing from a long-term illness, his widow found the manuscript and had it published.

The result is a whimsical tale filled with fairies, purple spoons with silver moons, and magic, as it takes young readers from grief to hope to love.

Read if you: or someone you know could use a reminder that loss is not the end of love.