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Jarrett Dapier & Andrea Tsurumi

Mr. Watson's Chickens

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Written by Jarrett Dapier
Illustrated by Andrea Tsurumi

A zany tale of 456 chickens, a loving couple, and all the rhymes and music that come from the ensuing mayhem

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 48
Suitable for: 3-5 years old

With rollicking rhythms, nonsensical refrains, and too many chickens to count, this modern classic will inspire unstoppable giggles and endless rereads. Bawka-bawka!

Mr. Watson has 456 chickens in the sink, on the bed, in the bread box. When his partner, Mr. Nelson, threatens to leave, Mr. Watson takes his chickens to town to sell only for them to escape! Young readers will follow Mr. Watson all around town as he gathers up his chickens. But, when they're all rounded up, does he have the heart to sell them? Does a different fate await these chickens?

This quirky, irresistible book is full of read-aloud fun with its onomatopoeia, rollicking rhythm, and familiar refrains and ends with a touch of sweetness, featuring a gay couple at its center without calling specific attention to it. It has all the makings of a classic, with a farm theme, hilarious refrains, and a familiar narrative structure that unfolds in threes. Librarians, teachers, and parents looking for a new book that feels traditional will love sharing this book with children.

Full of nonsensical sounds and repetition, it's the perfect choice for classroom events or bedtime read-a-longs.

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