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Marlies De Munck and Pascal Gielen

Nearness: Art and Education After Covid-19

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By Pascal Gielen & Marlies De Munck

A reflection on art, pedagogy, and how the lockdown has destroyed experience.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 64

The Covid-19 crisis has taught us how priceless nearness is for human beings, and how essential it is for art and education. Like works of art, people lose their aura when kept at a digital arm’s length. When it is unable to resonate with bodies, does art become lifeless?

With this publication, philosopher Marlies De Munck and cultural sociology professor Pascal Gielen seek to diagnose our new reality. Together, they discover that culture may very well be the only marker of the difference between living and simply surviving.

64 pages with graphic design and drawings by Lotte Schröder.

Read if you: have ever felt bad for that one person who leads a Zoom call and everyone else has their camera turned off.