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Notes After Terawih

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By Ziks

On-the-fly musings and observations of a religious ritual, and the human connections made through it.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 180


‘Tarawih’ (Arabic) comes from the root word that means to take a rest, and take rest I did."

Notes After Terawih is a series of word sketches Ziks drew based on her distracted observation during night prayers, or terawih prayers, done in a single mosque during Ramadhan. Thousands here in Singapore engage in terawih for thirty nights in a row – that’s a huge multitude of experiences. Yet, all these experiences are tucked within the walls of the mosque and ultimately remain in Ramadhan.

As someone who was new to "this terawih thing", Ziks decided to take some notes. None of these were written on the spot. Instead, they were recalled and typed on her phone as she headed home for the night, chronicling her 

Read if you: have either never set foot in a mosque, or if you have — many, many times.