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Object Lessons Space

On Holding Space

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By Object Lessons Space

An examination of the various ecologies of generosity and hospitality, and how they colour the way we make art, relate to one another, and encounter art

Format: Softcover book with grey board case 
Pages: 116

On Holding Space is a publication that hopes to unfurl the ecologies of generosity. Holding space for one another should be open-ended, an undercurrent, a deep breath. How might this expansiveness colour the way we move, make, or compose alliances?

As a platform that has primarily inhabited the digital and textual space, this publication follows closely the discursive grain of the work that we've been doing online. It is envisioned as a physical and tactile extension of Object Lessons Space.

The texts and visual artworks in the publication are accomplices to one another. Complementing these interventions are a series of poems that stand in the gap, playing with both words and images to countervail the purely textual or visual.

In the publication:
- Interviews with Sonia Kwek, Charmaine Poh, Pey Chuan Tan and PURE EVER
- Artworks by Joanne Pang, Marla Bendini, Rifqi Amirul Rosli and Aki Hassan
- Poems by Jollin Tan