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Han & Kane

(Re)collections: Postcards from Afar

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By Han & Kane

A self-published zine containing heartfelt stories and experiences about what it means to be a woman, as told to two Singaporeans from strangers across Europe

Format: Paperback zine with saddlestitch
Pages: 52

(Re)collections: Postcards from Afar is a self-published, 52-page zine designed and written by Han & Kane, as part of a fundraising effort for AWARE.

It follows from their With Love, Postcards from Afar campaign where they invited friends, family, and strangers to support women’s rights and gender equality in Singapore by donating to AWARE Singapore.

For every 5 – 10 SGD donated, they sent the donor a postcard containing a story from a stranger, as a form of connection. The postcards were written by people they met on their travels across Europe, containing heartfelt stories and experiences that were shared with sincerity and vulnerability.

This zine is a compilation of the 42 postcards and stories they collected during their campaign, along with their recollections and thoughts on the exchanges they had.

50% of proceeds goes to AWARE.