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Cherian George

Singapore, Incomplete: Reflections on a First World nation’s arrested political development

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By Cherian George

From Amos Yee to Takashimaya, this series of essays examines our culture of fear to reveal the forces that keep Singapore's political maturity frozen in time.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 216


As the government lays the ground for a transition to a fourth generation of leaders after the death of Lee Kuan Yew and its 2015 general election triumph, Cherian George considers the unfinished business of political liberalisation and multicultural integration.

Singapore, Incomplete is a collection of personal reflections about the country’s underdeveloped political culture and structure. “Ours is a middle-aged country with a maturing economy—but a political system that treats us like children,” he argues. George calls for more open “rules of engagement” that will protect and celebrate a diversity of ideas and beliefs. He critiques Singapore’s culture of fear, the lack of political transparency, and governmental groupthink. This is his first book for a general audience since Singapore: The Air-Conditioned Nation (2000). 

Read if you: want an accessible way to take your understanding of local politics beyond a "PM Lee drinks from language-changing cup" meme.