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K.B. Ryan Joshua Mahindapala


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By K.B. Ryan Joshua Mahindapala

A fast-paced thriller with murder, power and mystery spanning two generations and seemingly separate lives.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 85

Spottisbrough Lane is a dark, dirty alley in the city of the fringe district of Morington Estate. Knowing instinctively to avoid it, the locals stay clear.

One night, however, Henrietta throws caution to the wind and decides to venture down Spottisbrough Lane. For a woman already embroiled in a dangerous game, could it be one risk too far?

In the same town, in another time, the Wolfe Pack are on the loose; a group of criminals so highly skilled and elusive, they are said to always be ten steps ahead of the cops. Now they are heading for their final pay day: a heist so big it will set them up for life. For this band of brothers, who plan jobs meticulously and never involve outsiders, nothing can possibly go wrong. Or, so they think.

In this stylish pulp noir thriller, money and power mix with drugs and crime, across two generations. At the epicenter of it all lies Spottisbrough Lane. A world perhaps different to ours, but one that we all know exists.

Read if you: like your Money Heist with a side of Peaky Blinders.