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Alex McElroy

The Atmospherians

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By Alex McElroy

One way to take on toxic masculinity? Start a cult, according to this dark, satirical debut that was "written with this exact cultural moment in mind"

Format: Paperback
Pages: 320


Sasha Marcus was once the epitome of contemporary success: an internet sensation, social media darling, and creator of a high-profile wellness brand for women. But a confrontation with an abusive troll has taken a horrifying turn, and now she’s at rock bottom: canceled and doxxed online, isolated in her apartment while men’s rights protestors rage outside.

Sasha confides in her oldest childhood friend, Dyson—a failed actor with a history of body issues—who hatches a plan for her to restore her reputation by becoming the face of his new business venture, The Atmosphere: a rehabilitation community for men. Based in an abandoned summer camp and billed as a workshop for job training, it is actually a rigorous program designed to rid men of their toxic masculinity. Sasha has little choice but to accept. But what horrors await her as the resident female leader of a crew of washed up, desperate men? And what exactly does Dyson want?

Read if you: have an old social media post lurking out there on the Internet, just waiting to get you canceled.