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Steve Smallman

The Eyebrows of Doom

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Written by Steve Smallman
Illustrated by Miguel Ordóñez

While sweeping his cave one day, a bear meets two slugs covered in fuzz who look curiously like eyebrows in this tale of pure chaos and mischief

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 32


A bear named Dave is sweeping his cave one day when two slugs, covered in fuzz, emerge from the dust pile and announce that they are THE Eyebrows of Doom. Suddenly, Dave feels the urge to do something unkind, so he crashes through a fence at the nearby campsite and eats all of the campers’ food and knocks down their tents.

The evil Eyebrows then find a young girl named Molly, who smushes her ice cream all over her grandfather. But when the Eyebrows try to disrupt things at the zoo, they get a big surprise!

Illustrated by Miguel Ordóñez, the illustrator of the best-selling Jimmy Fallon books: Your Baby’s First Word will be DADA, This is BABY, and Everything is MAMA

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