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Danielle Lim

The Sound of SCH: A Mental Breakdown, A Life Journey

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By Danielle Lim

A true account of mental illness, from the perspective of a girl watching her  uncle's struggle with schizophrenia.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 180



Can a life weave along through the same notes and yet come to play forth different sounds?

The Sound of SCH (pronounced S-C-H) is the true story of a journey with mental illness, beautifully told by Danielle Lim from a time when she grew up witnessing her uncle's untold struggle with a crippling mental and social disease, and her mother's difficult role as caregiver. The story takes place between 1961 and 1994, backdropped by a fast-globalising Singapore where stigmatisation of persons afflicted with mental illness nevertheless remains deep-seated. Unflinchingly raw and honest in its portrayal of living with schizophrenia, The Sound of SCH is a moving account of human resiliency and sacrifice in the face of brokenness. 

Read if you: want to understand better the hidden struggles faced by people with mental illness, and their caregivers.