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Ellie Hattie and Brandan Kearney

The Upside-Down Detective Agency

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Written by Ellie Hattie
Illustrated by Brandan Kearney

An interactive crime caper that ropes young readers into solving the mystery of a stolen diamond alongside two Sherlock sloths.

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 32

Stop, thief!
Someone has stolen the diamond warp drive from Lady Velocity Speed’s car! Without it, she’ll never with the big race! Can super-sleuthing sloths Stanley and Stella crack the case? Maybe with some helping from a friend … (Psst! Reader, that’s you!)

Hidden visual clues and an interactive narrative instantly immerse readers in the action, while the intricate illustrations packed with look-and-spot details encourage readers to take their time and look at things from different perspectives to solve problems (a necessary life skill!).