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Samantha Chia & Finbarr Fallon

UNIT. a glimpse into Singapore’s 1970s - ‘80s private apartments

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By Samantha Chia & Finbarr Fallon

A stunningly photographed book featuring Singapore’s 1970s – ’80s private apartments, and interviews with the people who've made a home in them.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 224

The ten private apartments featured in this publication were built in Singapore between the 1970s and ‘80s. Through interviews held between end-2020 to 2022 with the residents of these apartments, this book offers a peek into the stories behind the building facades, and documents how these spaces continue to function as homes today.

Featuring: Golden Mile Complex, People’s Park Complex, Peach Garden, Pandan Valley, Hillcrest Arcadia, Bedok Court, Palisades, Mandarin Gardens, The Colonnade, Pepys Hill Condominium

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