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Cherian George

Air-Conditioned Nation Revisited

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By Cherian George

Reflections on political and cultural events in Singapore for the past few decades, suffused with dry wit and humour.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 320


"Think of Singapore instead as the Air-Conditioned Nation—a society with a unique blend of comfort and central control, where people have mastered their environment, but at the cost of individual autonomy, and at the risk of unsustainability."

Air-Conditioned Nation Revisited is an anthology of essays on Singapore politics by Cherian George. It draws upon his influential collection Singapore: The Air-Conditioned Nation (2000), on the country's politics of comfort and control, and from Singapore, Incomplete (2017), on its underdeveloped democracy.

Updated for the impending transition to a new generation of leaders, this 20th anniversary edition of Air-Conditioned Nation offers critical reflections on continuity and change in Singapore’s unique political culture.

Read if you: have taken at least one Grab ride, "because it's too hot".