We're very curious

So it always starts with a question. And to find some answers, we select a few books and collaborate with different illustrators to share their thoughts through art.

Dive in and check out each illustrator's work, our reflections, and books we've picked for each collection.

  • Must I Save The World From A Noseless Wizard To Be Great?

    We redefine success and greatness with Bethania Brigitta

  • Why Do We Love Sleep But Hate Going to Sleep?

    We shine a light on things we take for granted, with Eric Wong


  • Are We Crazy For Starting A Bookshop In These Times?

    We take a moment to panic with Sherchle

  • Do Karens Know That They're Karens?

    A study in self-awareness with Giang Do


  • An Otter, Baby Yoda and A Puppy Are Stuck In a Fire. Which Do You Save?

    The consequences of cuteness,
    explored with Doodnll

    END 2022