We're very curious

So it always starts with a question. And to find some answers, we select a few books and collaborate with different illustrators to share their thoughts through art.

Dive in and check out each illustrator's work, our reflections, and books we've picked for each collection.

  • Are Plants The New Pets & Pets The New Kids?

    We talk nature and nurture with CHAMJAM

  • If The Enemy Of My Enemy Is A Friend, What Is A Friend Of A Friend?

    We give friendship the respect and significance it deserves with Zan Cheong

  • An Otter, Baby Yoda and A Puppy Are Stuck In a Fire. Which Do You Save?

    The consequences of cuteness,
    explored with Doodnll


  • Why Is It OK To Eat The Same Thing Every Day For Breakfast, But Not For Dinner?

    Food is more than just sustenance, we dig into everything it represents with HAFI

  • when did everyone start typing in lower case, why didn't i get the memo?

    The world's moving fast and we try to catch up with some help from Alex & Judea

  • Must I Save The World From A Noseless Wizard To Be Great?

    We redefine success and greatness with Bethania Brigitta

  • Why Do We Love Sleep But Hate Going to Sleep?

    We shine a light on things we take for granted, with Eric Wong


  • Are We Crazy For Starting A Bookshop In These Times?

    We take a moment to panic with Sherchle

  • Do Karens Know That They're Karens?

    A study in self-awareness with Giang Do