Are Plants The New Pets & Pets The New Kids?

There's no deeper meaning here. We just wanted to do something about plants and we did it with CHAMJAM.

No, really. One of us is just a really passionate plant mom, and we knew we'd want to do something about that. We suppose something could be said about people now making the choice to do family a little differently, and so we've curated a few books that speak to this paradigm shift.

But really, we just wanted a theme about plants.

Nature and nurture both meet inย Making Kin,ย a stirring collection of essays and reflections about femininity, expectations, and our physical world.

Nature is also a force to be reckoned with inย Distant Sunflower Fields, a delightfully unique memoir about a family chasing their dream of a sunflower harvest in a barren desert. But family doesn't always have to be a houseful of humans โ€” the protagonist of Chemistry gets through a deeply unmoored time in her life, with a bit of help from her anxious dog.

In fact, the family in Mr. Watson's Chickens live on their own terms, with 456 chickens and a queer couple as their frazzled parents. Sweet, endearing, and wholesome.

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About the artist

CHAMJAM is a freelance digital illustrator based in little Singapore. Her work incorporates nature, curiosity, and a touch of cuteness. Drawing little characters in a world of their own brings her the most joy and she translate this into products that she sells on her online shop! On days when she's not working, you can find her tending her little garden, catching up on TV shows or rearranging the home decor in her room (yet again!).

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