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Esther Vincent and Angelia Poon

Making Kin: Ecofeminist Essays from Singapore

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Edited by Esther Vincent and Angelia Poon

A series of deeply personal essays that spotlight the perspectives of women, people with disabilities, trans people, and more at the crossroads of nature and climate change.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 272


Making Kin: Ecofeminist Essays from Singapore contemplates and re-centres Singapore women in the overlapping discourses of family, home, ecology and nation. For the first time, this collection of ecofeminist essays focuses on the crafts, minds, bodies and subjectivities of a diverse group of women making kin with the human and non-human world as they navigate their lives.

From ruminations on caregiving, to surreal interspecies encounters, to indigenous ways of knowing, these women writers chart a new path on the map of Singapore’s literary scene, writing urgently about gender, nature, climate change, reciprocity and other critical environmental issues.

In a climate-changed world where vital connections are lost, Making Kin is an essential collection that blurs boundaries between the personal and the political. It is a revolutionary approach towards intersectional environmentalism.

Read if you: cannot walk past a jungle without imagining the worst and picturing yourself getting mauled.