Surprise Your Shelf

Surprise Your Shelf is a fun little thing we do every two months, here's how it works: We invite a different person to pick a mystery book. We give you clues along the way, but you only find out what it is when you receive it!

Our curators all come from different backgrounds and walks of life, each with their own personal tastes and experiences. This way, each edition of Surprise Your Shelf always brings a unique perspective and you’ll never quite know what to expect!

Surprise Your Shelf #007 COMING IN 2023

Past editions

Surprise Your Shelf #001: Lavelle

Bluebeard's First Wife

Having worked in a bookstore and with a thriving Bookstagram of her own, Lavelle kicked off Surprise Your Shelf with the unexpected choice of Korean horror.

Surprise Your Shelf #002: Iris

Will and Testament
Sold out

Iris was torn between a book set in her homeland Indonesia, and this — her eventual choice, for its "amazing study of trauma".

Surprise Your Shelf #003: James

The Long Way to A Small, Angry Planet

Science-fiction with a heart... and the occasional inter-species romance.
James' pick is a big warm hug in a book.

Surprise Your Shelf #004: Alex & Judea

Lorem Ipsum

This hyper experimental book is a bold debut written in endlessly flowing prose that deeply moved Alex & Judea.

Surprise Your Shelf #005: Natalie

The Breaks: An Essay

What does it mean to be a parent at the end of the world? Nat's choice of title is a raw and deeply intimate exploration.