An Otter, Baby Yoda and a Puppy Are Stuck In a Fire. Which Do You Save?

We examine the consequences of cuteness with Doodnll.

Yeah, we know. They’re ALL adorable.

Let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to care about animals that are conventionally cute (hello, TraceTogether otters). What about other species who may be in even more danger of going extinct? Does survival ultimately come down to a competition of cuteness and good PR?

That's why we're teaming up with our resident illustrator Doodnll for a showcase at local cafe Main Street Commissary to shine the spotlight on other endangered species and raise funds for Singapore Wildcat Action Group (SWAG).

We'll be there till 12 February — come say hi, take part in our kids storytelling session, or simply check out the art and learn a thing or two!

Kids Storytelling with S.W.A.G.

Join us for a fun storytelling activity to learn about endangered wildlife in Southeast Asia! More info and signup form below.

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About the illustration

Early concepts Doodnll came up with

"What makes us have this unspoken rule that if something is cute, it gets a VIP ticket?"

When I first heard about the theme I'd be working on, one thing popped into my mind and that's the famous "This Is Fine" meme by artist KC Green. The story I wanted to portray is that these three characters KNOW that they're cute. They take their cuteness as their own advantage and all think they'll be fine in the fire. They trust that their cuteness will save them. BUT IS IT REALLY FINE? What makes us have this unspoken rule that if something is cute, it gets a VIP ticket?

That said, I'd pick the puppy any day. I'm sorry.

- Doodnll

About the artist

Danielle aka Doodnll (pronounced doo-duh-nell, a mix of Danielle and Doodle!) is an illustrator and handpoke artist based in Singapore. She always tries to put a part of herself into her work, creating light-hearted doodles that are often inspired by the random photos she takes on her iPhone.

In her down time, Doodnll enjoys escaping reality by reading manga or playing cozy comfort games on her Switch. Go say hi – she’ll reply if she isn’t busy hunting for shiny Pokémon..

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