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Matthew Schneider-Mayerson

Eating Chilli Crab in the Anthropocene

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Edited by Matthew Schneider-Mayerson

From chilli crab to Tiger Beer, get ready to have your ideas of sustainability challenged with thought-provoking essays by a new generation of thinkers.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 276



In this era of climate crisis, in which our very futures are at stake, sustainability is a global imperative. Yet we tend to associate sustainability, nature, and the environment with distant places, science, and policy. The truth is that everything is environmental, from transportation to taxes, work to love, cities to cuisine.

This book is the first to examine contemporary Singapore from an ecocultural lens, looking at the ways that Singaporean life and culture is deeply entangled with the nonhuman lives that flourish all around us. The authors represent a new generation of cultural critics and environmental thinkers, who will inherit the future we are creating today. From chilli crab to Tiger Beer, Changi Airport to Pulau Semakau, O-levels to orang minyak films, these essays offer fresh perspectives on familiar subjects, prompting us to recognise the incredible urgency of climate change and the need to transform our ways of thinking, acting, learning, living, and governing so as to maintain a stable planet and a decent future.

Read if you: are one of the only 32 Singaporeans who are immune to the charms of otters.