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Bora Chung

Cursed Bunny

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Written by Bora Chung
Translated by Anton Hur

Cursed rabbit-shaped lamps start off this unique and imaginative blend of horror and sci-fi stories that defy categorisation.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 256


By turns thought-provoking and stomach-turning, here monsters take the shapes of furry woodland creatures and danger lurks in unexpected corners of everyday apartment buildings. But in this unforgettable collection, translated by the acclaimed Anton Hur, Chung’s absurd, haunting universe could be our own.
The Head follows a woman haunted by her own bodily waste. The Embodiment takes us into a dystopian gynecology office where a pregnant woman is told that she must find a father for her baby or face horrific consequences. Another story follows a young monster, forced into underground fight rings without knowing his own power. The titular fable centers on a cursed lamp in the shape of a rabbit, fit for a child’s bedroom but for its sinister capabilities.
No two stories are alike, and readers will be torn whether to race through them or savour Chung’s wit and frenetic energy on every page.
Cursed Bunny is a book that screams to be read late into the night and passed on to the nearest set of hands the very next day.