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Viktorija Semjonova

Drawing People: 100 Prompts, Projects and Playful Exercises

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By Viktorija Semjonova

Drawing People focuses on perfecting how to draw faces, characters and people on the move.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 176

This interactive journal features a mix of 100 prompts, playful activities and step-by-step projects on the theme of people to help you explore your creativity. Whether you’re new to drawing and want to learn how to sketch or you’re an experienced artist in search of inspiration, Drawing People will (re)ignite your love of art.

Viktorija’s easy techniques and helpful hints will show you how to hone your people drawing skills, add colour to your sketches and develop your own personal style.

Drawing People is the springboard to unleashing your creativity and building a unique collection of artwork.

Read if you: can only draw stick figures