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Richard Short

Haway Man, Klaus!

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Written and illustrated by Richard Short

Gentle thoughts on life from a mild-mannered talking cat in the style of beloved classics Peanuts and Moomins

Format: Paperback, printed by offset lithography in Estonia
Pages: 232

Haway Man, Klaus! is the first full-length collection of comic strips charting the un-adventures of Klaus, Richard Short’s pensive, anthropomorphic cat.

Reinvigorating the classic comic strip, Short salutes Charles Schulz's Peanuts, Tove Jansson's Moomins and Japanese cartooning masters, before veering quickly into an original, strange and utterly unique world of screwball comedy and poetic rumination.

Short’s wit, at times gentle, at times acerbic, is expressed through his mastery of clear-line cartooning, revealing a tapestry of relatable human emotion through a cast of offbeat characters. Occupying a wholly original space in the current landscape of cartooning, Haway Man, Klaus! breathes new life into the comic strip format.

Read if you: have had a busy week with lots of human contact, and you need your alone time.