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How We Live Now

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Edited by Yu-Mei Balasingamchow

Wet markets, Instagram Live, and distant Asian parents are a mere fraction of the spectrum of life in Singapore, presented in a series of short stories by a medley of new and established local writers.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 188

How We Live Now offers a multi-faceted, multi-voiced view of contemporary life in Singapore: its comforts and conflicts, personal tragedies and social tensions, and also opportunities for joy, hope and empathy.

Featuring an exciting ensemble of both established and new writers, the stories invite readers to think seriously about the world around them, with urgent contemporary challenges such as social inequality and mental health, as well as age-old frictions in personal relationships and friendships.


As this slate of characters grapples with crisis, loss, and what it means to hold each other close in a rapidly changing Singapore, we are invited to ponder: if this is indeed how we live now, should we continue in this vein? 

Contributors: Philip Jeyaretnam, Jinny Koh, Dave Chua, Anittha Thanabalan, Jessica Tan, Yeoh Jo-Ann, Patrick Sagaram, Yolanda Yu Miao Miao, Jeremy Tiang, Rachel Heng and Karen Kwek.

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