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Left Cultures

Left Cultures Magazine

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A new limited-edition magazine championing all voices and stories on the Left, whether Socialist, Communist, Anarchist, or anything in between.

Storytelling is a very powerful tool and throughout history we have used narratives to change people’s vision of the world, to create culture. Stories have the unique power to inform the uninformed and allow people to imagine alternative views of what society can be. They can be passed down through the generations in a similar way to a family heirloom. Throughout the history of the Left people have told stories of unrepresented voices and the unheard to help inspire meaningful change. 

Never before has there been a greater need for an alternative vision for society, with the mainstream media co-opted by a small group of billionaires to project their ideals of what society should be for their own narrow selfish interests. How many property shows are there? How many shows are there promoting celebrity culture? How many law and order shows are there? Stories that give another account of society’s injustices or that celebrate everyday life have over time been squeezed out of the national dialogue. Corporations use advertising to bombard the public through every avenue possible, in every corner of life, spending billions of pounds in the process. The right wing media have in effect created a tight grip on the national narrative.

Left Cultures is a contemporary space to champion all kinds of voices on the Left, whether that be Socialist, Communist, Anarchist or anything in between. The Left has always been fizzing with ideas to change society and Left Cultures 1 will be celebrating the Left’s cultural past, discussing gems of storytelling within film, literature, music, art and poetry. It will do this by asking over 50 culture creators practicing today who are willing to stand up and fight for their beliefs to tell a personal story of how culture from the past has influenced and inspired them. All the points of reference from both past and present come together to make a wonderfully rich, diverse and beautifully illustrated lexicon of Left Culture.