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Evan S. Connell

Mrs Bridge

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By Evan S. Connell

A series of tragicomic vignettes about an upper middle-class housewife's quietly growing confusion about her perfect life.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 208


Mrs Bridge is a housewife married to a lawyer. She takes care of the house, raises the children to have manners, and always tries her best. It's a perfectly fine life but through 117 brilliantly written vignettes, watch it all start to befuddle Mrs Bridge.

Modern life baffles her, her children aren't growing up the way she expected, and she can't shake the feeling that somehow along the way, something's gone wrong. This underrated classic will surprise you with its nuance and insight into the unsettling confusion and even terror in a life of plenty.

Read if you: want to experience a day in the life of your mother.