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Mynah Magazine

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An annual print magazine about Singapore, Singaporeans and Singaporeanness that aims to critically and creatively examine the facets of this country that either don’t get enough time in mainstream media, or haven't been discussed in broad ways.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 124

What's in Mynah #4?

. An analysis of rap and its uneasy relation to the state, from the viral MDA video to the antiviral SAR-Vivor rap
. A conversation between drag and burlesque artists worms and Steph Dogfoot on physicality, sexuality, gender, and craft on stage
. An essay on the passive-aggressive public signs that Singaporeans write one another, and what it says about community and 'bao toh' culture
. An interview series with Singaporeans who moved overseas and their reasons why
. A photo essay on the soon-to-be-vacated Golden Mile Complex and the communities that call it home
. An original satirical tabletop role-playing game, "Paper Trails", where points are awarded for SES, heteronormativity, and more, and the aim is to accumulate as much paper as you can!
. And more!