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Kuansong Victor Zhuang, Meng Ee Wong & Dan Goodley

Not Without Us: Perspectives on Disability and Inclusion in Singapore

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Edited by Kuansong Victor Zhuang, Meng Ee Wong & Dan Goodley

Essays and reflections that apply critical thinking and an analytical eye on what it means to live with disability, media representation, and other issues in a purportedly inclusive and accessible Singapore.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 404


Disability is all around us—among people we meet, the media, sports, our own family
and friends. Undeniably, all of us have or will one day come to experience or encounter disability. But how can we reckon with the realities of those who live with
disability, or its reality in our own lives? In a city-state slowly moving towards
inclusion, how do those meant to be 'included' feel about such efforts?

Not Without Us: Perspectives On Disability And Inclusion in Singapore is a groundbreaking collection of essays that takes a creative and critical disability studies approach to centre disability, and rethink the ways in which we research, analyse, think and know about disability in our lives. Across multiple domains and perspectives, the writings in this volume consider what it means to live with disability in a purportedly inclusive and accessible Singapore.

Featured Contributors
Dawn-joy Leong and Cavan Chang
Tan Siew Ling
Xie Yihui
Timothy Y. Loh
Cat Chong
Damaris Carlisle
Bella Choo
Grace Lee-Khoo
Geraldine Chin
Ivy Chia and Eunice Tan
Alvan Yap
Aaron Ho
Sherry Toh
Yeo Kia Yee
Nurul Fadiah Johari
Daryl WJ Yang
Jocelyn Tay
Justin Lee