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Sylvan Mishima Brackett & Jessica Battilana


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By Sylvan Mishima Brackett & Jessica Battilana

Through clear instruction, abundant photography, and utterly delicious recipes, RINTARO demystifies Japanese food for home cooks with over 70 recipes for rice, simmered dishes, homemade udon, and grilled foods.

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 304


Crowd-pleasing foods like curry rice, tonkatsu, and yakitori, eaten most often at lunch counters and in home kitchens, live alongside sashimi, fresh bamboo shoots, and other dishes that are usually considered part of a more elevated Japanese cooking tradition.

RINTARO shows a cross section of Japanese food that isn’t usually shown in American cookbooks. The book showcases exciting but simple food that tastes both like Japan and California – not fusion food – but the food that you’d expect if the Bay Area were a region of Japan. With gorgeous photography and special design and production touches, this is a book that will live in the kitchen as well as on the coffee table.

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