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Sarah Schofield

Safely Gathered In

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By Sarah Schofield

Posthumous emails and taxidermy fantasies in this collection of short stories about grief, disconnection, and the human condition

Format: Paperback
Pages: 192

A woman grows increasingly annoyed by her husband’s emails, offering advice and reminders even months after his death... A taxidermist dreams of preserving one of his clients after she takes him out for a coffee… A grieving nurse is troubled by her daughter’s fascination with the Iron Lady…

In Safely Gathered In, Sarah Schofield probes at the heart of what forms us and what we, in turn, form. The stories collected here expose the spaces that words often fail to reach and examine how objects—both manmade and natural—can reflect the darkest manifestations of grief and disconnection.

From the child acting out a family betrayal in the comfort of her dolls house, to the sister making wind-up toys from the dead birds she finds on her doorstep, this debut collection ventures into the surreal and delivers a sense of unease that leaves us questioning why we gather the things we do.