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Surprise Your Shelf

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Every two months, Wormhole invites a different person to curate a mystery book. Our curators all come from different backgrounds and walks of life, so you'll never quite know what to expect.

Take a chance, explore someone else's perspective, and surprise yourself. Find out more here.

Genre: Children

The Book: Self-actualisation is at the core of this unexpectedly profound story about an everyday object that decides it doesn't wish to perform the function it was designed for. It may be a book for children, but the aesthetic is not one you usually find in kids' books. Painted in a stunning (and very millennial) colour palette, it's a delicious treat for the senses — and a balm for any weary soul that's been feeling a little lost and directionless.

Read if you: loved the scene with the two rocks in Everything Everywhere All At Once.

The Curator: Ain has been working with children as an art educator for over 10 years. Being around tiny humans makes her feel young and old simultaneously, and she loves it. She collaborates with local art magazine EYEYAH! to design toolkits for both teachers and parents. She has participated in several panel talks about creativity in education, most notably Asian Festival of Children’s Content and DesignSingapore Council. She geeks out over LEGO, fantasy films (especially Lord of the Rings and Studio Ghibli) as well as picture books and comics. Her special talent is thinking of songs to fit any given situation or at least changing the lyrics to fit one. She know this is a completely pointless talent but it still fills her up with pride nonetheless.

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