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Su Blackwell & Corina Fletcher

The Sleeping Beauty Theatre

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By Su Blackwell & Corina Fletcher

A magical theatre within a book where children can stage their own productions of Sleeping Beauty with exquisitely designed paper cutouts

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 28

Based on her strikingly original storybook The Fairy-Tale Princess, Su Blackwell’s sumptuous fairy-tale images, cut out from the pages of classic fables, are now brought to life in three dimensions in this beautiful paper theatre. Everything a child needs to reenact the well-loved story of Sleeping Beauty is provided, including interchangeable scenery and delightful moveable versions of the characters.

Inside the ingeniously designed pop-up theater stage between the two covers is a jewel box of moveable pieces: scenery sheets set the stage; characters add the story and colorful props provide the finishing touch. The book contains a pocket to hold the pieces when they’re not in use, and an enclosed booklet contains instructions on how to stage your own performances of 
Sleeping Beauty for family and friends, including a script. The Sleeping Beauty Theatre will be coveted by children and adults alike who love to make believe. 10 die-cut scenes, 12 movable characters, 5 free-standing props + 28-page booklet