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Constance Singam

Where I Was

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By Constance Singam

Loss, passion, and memory are at the heart of this funny and moving memoir by former AWARE president and civil society activist Constance Singam.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 300


Where I Was is a rich, entertaining and compelling account of the life of an extraordinary woman. In a land of many cultures, many races, many religions; in a state where politics and public policies impinge, sometimes callously, on the daily lives of its denizens, Constance Singam is an individual marginalised many times over by her status as a woman, an Indian, a widow and a civil society activist.

Through humourous and moving accounts, Constance captures in words the images of the people, places and events that are the source of her most powerful memories. These images are connected to key turning points in her personal journey, set against or within the context of important historical events. In this reissue of her 2013 memoir, Constance reflects on current advocacy movements and on the events that led to the AWARE Saga that would shape the rest of her life.